Palo Pinto General Hospital

Palo Pinto General Hospital

400 SW 25th Avenue
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067-8246

Palo Pinto General Hospital Cradle Club

We are excited to have you as our guest at Palo Pinto General Hospital. The birth of your child is a moment in time when all things come together to form that perfect experience.
In our Women's Service Center, we feature Labor and Delivery suites that offer the feel of home. Designed to feel like a beautiful guest suite, yet provide accessibility to state-of-the-art equipment, our Labor and Delivery rooms are the hidden treasures of our hospital.

The Palo Pinto General Hospital Cradle Club offers a package plan that will accommodate the expectant parent who worries about lack of insurance or income. Each plan includes normal deliveries, postpartum and routine newborn care. Our gift to the new parents is a new infant car seat.

We want your experience to be the best ever and PPGH is dedicated to making that happen. Designed for the parents who do not have insurance coverage or maternity benefits, the Cradle Club is able to offer peace of mind in knowing you and your baby will have state-of-the-art care at Palo Pinto General Hospital.

Please call Caye Mauney 940-328-6578 for complete information on the Cradle Club or email Caye at c to learn more.

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