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Ladonna Tuggle
thumb_Ladonna Tuggle

The Accounting Department at PPGH is responsible for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, and PPAF-Financial Reporting.

The members of our department include:
Roea  - Payroll (940) 328 - 6248
Donna - Accounts Payable (940) 328 - 6245
Ladonna - Financial Reporting (940) 328 - 6247


Program Coordinator
George Lollis
thumb_George Lollis thumb
Phone: (940) 328-6474
Fax: (940) 328-6546

PPGH contracts with GE Healthcare for a competent comprehensive maintenance program for its' vast array of medical equipment.

Lindsay Winburn, RN
Phone: (940) 328 - 7530

The Cardiopulmonary Department provides hospital patients with physician ordered respiratory treatments such as oxygen & nebulizer therapy, breathing exercises, pulse oximetry, arterial blood gases and ventilator management. Some cardiac related tests performed through our department include EKGs, Sleep Studies, EEGs, Holtermonitoring, 6 minutes walk studies, Pulmonary Function Testing (PFTs) and DLCO. Industrial PFTs for area businesses on site.

Tina Montgomery, RN
thumb_Tina Montgomery
Phone: (940) 328-6396

Case Managers coordinate patient care across the continuum to assure quality of care in a fiscally responsible environment.

We collaborate with the physicians and healthcare team to set individual goals for our patients.  We obtain information through patient assessment, medical records, and family interview when appropriate.  We arrange a variety of services to support a safe transition to the next level of care.  This may be home, rehabilitation, or tertiary care. 

We provide concurrent clinical information to insurance companies to obtain authorization for hospital services.  We manage denials through appeals.

We are responsible for clinical documentation improvement and collaborate with the physicians to ensure optimal reimbursement and prevention of denials. 

Yvonne Hampton, RD, LD
Phone: (940) 328 - 6235

The Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is available at PPGH to anyone who has diabetes and would like to learn more about how to manage this difficult disease in small individualized classes. Learn about: Diet, Exercise, Blood Sugar Monitoring, Complications, Diabetes and Stress, & Community Resources.

Recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is also available; this service helps patients manage acute or chronic diseases through customized nutrition recommendations. Medicare and private insurances are accepted. Coverage is dependent about patient's policy.

Carla Hay-Perdue, DNP
Phone: 940-328-6232

The Education Department offers multiple courses for the public including First Aid and CPR based on American Heart Association guidelines for laypeople and healthcare providers. Also available are Childbirth Classes for expectant parents, & Big Brother/Big Sister classes for expectant families.

For information on courses available, please call 328-6240.

Misty Jones
thumb_Misty Jones thumb
Phone: (940) 325 - 7891

As a designated Level IV Trauma Center, the Trauma Services Department ensures quality care to the trauma victim throughout the continuum of care. We are active members of North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council - Trauma Service Area E, & participate in the electronic transmission of trauma statistics to the Texas Department of Health-Bureau of Emergency management. All full-time RNs have successfully completed TNCC, PALS/ENPC, and ACLS.

Dennis Ploeger
thumb_Dennis Ploeger thumb
Phone: (940) 328 - 6478

The job of the Environmental Services Department is to provide our patients a safe and clean environment that promotes the healing process. The EVS department follows all guidelines set forth by JCAHO in the cleaning of a healthcare facility and strives to make our patients as well as their friends and family comfortable in what is often a very discomforting situation.

Caye Mauney
Phone: (940) 328 - 6578

Everyone experiences difficult financial times, and PPGH Financial Assistance Services is available to help. For financial assistance with medical bills, or filing for Medicaid, feel free to contact one of our Financial Assistance Workers.

Indigent Health Care: 940-328-6455
Se habla Espanol

Machelle Coleman, RHIT
thumb_Machelle Coleman thumb
Phone: 940-328-7521

The Health Information Management Department is here to provide medical record services to the patients, physicians, and to our hospital. A medical record must be maintained for every individual evaluated or treated in the hospital. Ongoing records are maintained throughout each patient stay. Records are archived after the service for future reference. We strive to maintain these records confidentially, in both paper and electronic format.

Health Information Management Office Hours

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Release of Information: 940-328-7521
Birth Certificates: 940-328-7523

Mundae Johnson
Phone: (940) 328 - 6548

The PPGH Heart Center provides Cardiac Rehabilitation
under the supervision of Dr. Jay Puppala, cardiologist.
Outpatient diagnostic studies performed includes: echocardiogram, carotid doppler, venous doppler, regular stress test.

Nuclear Medicine studies such as nuclear stress tests, bone scans, thyroid scans, lung scans, renal scans are also a part of our services.

Dennis Ploeger
Phone: (940) 328 - 6479

Hospitality Services covers Food & Nutrition, Environmental Services, and Grounds Departments.

The food & nutrition department operates with 16 total employees and one volunteer. The department serves patients, visitors, & employees, The board of directors and medical staff. The staff also caters over 200 functions each year. The department serves over 100 meals a day Monday thru Friday to the community through the Meals on Wheels Program. The department has an outstanding work ethic and they are dedicated to providing quality service for their customers. 

The job of Environmental Services Department is to provide our patients a safe and clean environment that promotes the healing process. The EVS department follows all guidelines set forth by JCAHO in the cleaning of a healthcare facility and strives to make our patients as well as their friends and family comfortable in what is often a very discomforting situation.

Lindsay Winburn, RN
Phone: (940) 328 - 6239

Surveillance of infection rates and communicable diseases for the hospital and community.  Works closely with the Texas Department of State Health Services and the CDC for epidemiological and pandemic outbreaks. Provides vaccinations and employee health testing for all PPGH employees and medical staff.

Chasity Wilcox
Phone: (940) 328 - 6224

Provides information technology systems and services vital to accomplish the missions and goals of Palo Pinto General Hospital.

Lisa Temple, RN
thumb_Lisa Temple thumb
Phone: (940) 328 - 7530

ICU Mission: When Caring is Critical ICU is now located on the first floor in the new area of the hospital with an 8 bed unit that specializes in care of the critically ill and/or injured patient. The ICU is equipped with the most current monitoring equipment. We care for a wide range of patients from Cardiac to Respiratory to Vascular Surgery. Personalized care is provided with the same quality and expertise as the larger hospitals. Over half the nurses in ICU are nationally recognized Certified Critical Care Nurses (CCRN).

ICU Visiting Hours

9:00 am to 11:00 am
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Rhonda Patterson
Phone: (940) 328 - 6444

PPGH performs laboratory tests on outpatients, inpatients, Home Health and Nursing Home patients throughout the county. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments in all disciplines and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

All laboratory employees are dedicated to serving our customers in the most professional, customer-friendly atmosphere possible. We are proud to serve our community.

Lab Outpatient Service Hours

Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Judy Lowe
Phone: (940) 328 - 6480

Our Mission is to provide supplies and equipment hospital wide in the most cost efficient and economical way, insuring quality health care to our patients and reliable service to our customers.

Sharon - Surgery purchasing Agent/ Distribution Clerk - (940) 328-6481

Dana - Shipping & Receiving/ Distribution Clerk - (940) 328-6486

Vicki Bragg RN, MBA, CE
Phone: (940) 328 - 6377

Keeping in line with PPGH’s mission, the Medical/Surgical Unit strives to provide exceptional holistic nursing care.  The Medical/Surgical Unit is a 47-bed unit with private/semiprivate beds and is capable of treating various medical conditions including post-operative surgical care, cardiac monitoring, and supports post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation in conjunction with the in-patient rehabilitation department.

Brandon Hons, PT
thumb_Brandon Hons thumb
Phone: (940) 328 - 6580
Diane Puckett
thumb_Diane Puckett thumb
Phone: (940) 328 - 6404

The Patient Accounting department serves the PPGH consumer by filing primary and secondary insurance claims as a courtesy for the patient. Every effort is made to assist the patient in getting their accounts paid by other sources before collections are directed to the patient for self pay balances. The Patient Accounting department also handles posting of payments to the accounts.

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