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The Palo Pinto General Hospital District came into being with a signature by the acting Governor for a Day, Senator Tom Creighton, April 20, 1965.
 This was the culmination of many months of work following a request for other hospital facilities by the Sisters who operated the Nazareth Hospital.
The Order felt they could no longer maintain their hospital in Mineral Wells due to decreased personnel and the need for modernization of their building.

When the Hospital District was an entity, by law,
a Hospital Board began work on plans and the location
of a site for the new hospital. Due to an earlier closing of the
Nazareth Hospital than anticipated, an interim hospital was needed.
Space was found in the Crazy Water Hotel,
and Palo Pinto General Hospital opened its doors for patients April 1, 1968.

The Palo Pinto General Hospital Auxiliary was formed by
a group of women who had been Auxilians at the Nazareth Hospital.
By-Laws were adopted and signed
by ten Charter Members on February 8, 1968.
These members were - Msds. William O’Quin, O.B. Lance, J.F. Bailey,
A.W. Dennis, Byron Greene, B.L. Miller, T.L. Sullens, Wayne Schwalm, John Westbury, and Sam Hawes.

One of the first activities of the Auxiliary was to act as hostesses
for the Open House at the formal opening of the interim hospital.
Volunteers served in various limited capacities while the hospital was at this site.

The new hospital was completed and a day for public viewing
was held July 26, 1970. Once again Auxilians acted as hostesses.
Over 7,000 area residents attended the Open House.
Moving day for equipment and patients was August 1, 1970.

Since the early beginnings of the Auxiliary with ten members,
it now has approximately 65 active Auxilians
and serves PPGH in many different areas both in and out of the hospital.

The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Hospital Staff
in giving more complete health care to our hospital and community,
providing extra services to make the patient more comfortable
and philanthropically benefiting the total health care of the
entire Palo Pinto Hospital District.

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